Special Guest, Andrea Williams: Stolen Identity: Law and Personhood

May 13, 2022 00:36:16
Special Guest, Andrea Williams: Stolen Identity: Law and Personhood
TruthXchange Podcast
Special Guest, Andrea Williams: Stolen Identity: Law and Personhood

Show Notes

Mark your calendar for September 26th through the 30th, TruthXChange’s 2022 Online Symposium. “Stolen Identity: The Theft of the Binary in Contemporary Society.”

“What are your pronouns?” “How do you identify?”
These current cultural questions are a restatement of one of the oldest questions of the human race: “Who am I?” Today’s answers carry a beguiling temptation to define ourselves by looking within, whereas the older version implies that we should look outside ourselves, asking our Creator to tell us what we need to know. Whether in the Church or the White House, at home or in our nation’s schools, many in our culture, including Christians, are facing an identity crisis. If we fall prey to the deceptive influences that tear us away from our ties to our Maker, Creator and Savior.

At TruthXchange we are excited to present our latest symposium, “Stolen Identity: The Theft of the Binary in Contemporary Society,” will remind Christians that the only place we can safely ground our identity is in God, in the binary truth of Twoism, where God and the creation are distinct and where distinction is a good thing for our identity.

Speakers: Stephen Chavura - Identity and The Modern Self
Pamela Frost – “The Enneagram and Identity”
Peter Jones – “Sexual Identity”
Emilio Ramos- "The Spirituality of the Meta-universe and Personal Identity”
Mark Robinson – "Contemporary Education and the Shaping of Identity”
Samuel Sey - "Identity and Intersectionality"
Eowyn Stoddard - "The Stolen Identity of the Modern Woman "
Carl Teichrib – “The Rising Global Spirituality and the Search for Personal Identity”
Mary Weller – “Transgenderism Movement” Andrea Williams – “Law and Personhood”

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